Mix With The Masters Seminar at La Fabrique

Join Chris Lord-Alge at La Fabrique for a week-long mixing seminar from October 3 to 9, 2023.

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The American engineer is a true force to be reckoned with in the studio. Since the 1980s, his mixes have dominated charts and airwaves across the globe, with notable contributions to seminal albums and singles by Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse, Prince, Tina Turner, and more.

This fall, CLA will return to La Fabrique for a new seven-day mixing seminar, in which a small group of participants will be able to get behind the console with Chris to watch him mix in real-time. Armed with the studio’s vintage Neve console and a collection of his favorite outboard gear, he will offer detailed demonstrations of his lightning-fast workflow and processing techniques. During these studio sessions, participants will be able to ask questions and even share their own mixes with Chris to get guidance on how to take their practice to the next level.

All the attendees will be housed within the studio’s private suites, with five-star catering provided each day by a team of expert chefs. A fully immersive experience, the program has been meticulously designed to ensure that Chris and his guests can devote their full attention to the music and their professional practice.